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A PDF of our printed Termcard can be found here.

        First Week

Tuesday, 25 April, 8:30 pm in the Old Library, All Souls College 
Challenges of Government in West Africa
HE Martin Ziguele
Independent Consultant
Former Prime Minister, Central African Republic


        Second Week

Tuesday, 2 May, 8:30 pm in the Old Library, All Souls College
Torture: Why No Middle Way is Open
Professor Henry Shue
Professor of International Relations, Oxford University
Senior Research Fellow, Merton College


        Third Week

Tuesday, 9 May, 8:30 pm in the Old Library, All Souls College
Domestic Sources of American Foreign Policy
Dr. Olin Robison
President, Salzburg Seminar
President Emeritus, Middlebury College


       Fourth Week

Event Cancelled


       Fifth Week

In lieu of our regular meeting, the OUSSG would like to invite its members
to attend the Annual Lecture of the Oxford Leverhulme Programme
on the Changing Character of War, to be held on this date at 5pm. The lecture will be given by Dr. John Reid, Secretary of State for Defence.
Further details will be forthcoming on our website.  


        Sixth Week

 Tuesday, 30 May, 8:30 pm in the Old Library, All Souls College
Nuclear Realities and Risks in South Asia
Sir Michael Quinlan
Former Permanent Under-Secretary of State for Defence
Visiting Research Fellow, Oxford Leverhulme Programme on the Changing Character of War


       Seventh Week

Event Cancelled


       Eighth Week

Tuesday, 13 June, 8:30 pm in the Old Library, All Souls College
Al Jazeera: Mouthpiece for Terror
Mr. Hugh Miles
Freelance writer and journalist,
Author of Al Jazeera: How Arab TV News Challenged the World
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Past Speakers

Sir Crispin Tickell
MG Jonathan Bailey
Sir Lawrence Freedman
Julia Cleves
Angela Wilkinson
Elizabeth Teague
Capt. Thomas Crompton
Col (Ret) Brian Lees
Dr. Sarah Percy
Col Thomas Hammes
Dr. Steve Tsang
John Tolson
Capt Graham Peach
H.E. Iztok Mirošič
Rear Admiral C.J. Parry, CBE
Marc Trachtenberg
Dipesh Shah
Colonel Christopher Langton
Glen Segell
Christopher Waters
Rear Admiral Hubert Hass
Professor Martin Shaw
Professor Paul Collier
Dr. Lee Willett
Sir Ivor Roberts
Lieutenant General Sir John Kiszely, KCB MC
Professor Shai Feldman
Rear Admiral Rakesh Chopra, VSM, PhD
Sir Jeremy Greenstock GCMG
Mr Alex Vines
Mr Andy Bearpark, CBE
Dr Wendy Pullan
Sir Michael Aaronson, CBE
Professor Theo Farrell
Mr Ben Hammersley
Sir Hilary Synnott KCMG
Mr Alfred Rolington
Mr Rahul Roy-Chaudhury
Professor Hew Strachan
Col. H.R. McMaster
Dr Alia Brahimi
Ms Oksana Antonenko
Professor Rob Singh
Dr Antonio Giustozzi
Professor Anatol Lieven
Mr David Frost, CMG
Dr John Nagl
Ms Shiloh Fetzek
Lt Col (retd) Jim Storr
Dr Kausik Roy
Ambassador Jacek Bylica
Dr Stephen D. Biddle
Colonel Neal J. Rappaport
Ms Jennifer Cole
Mr Stephen Grey
Dr Kanti Bajpai
Colonel M.V.'Coyote' Smith
Carolyn Hayman OBE
Dr Knox Chitiyo
Captain Rupert Hollins
Bjoern H. Seibert
Professor Theo Farrell
Col. Richard Iron
Sir Rodric Braithwaite GCMG
Professor Anatol Lieven
Felix Kuehn
Alex Strick van Linschoten
Dr Deborah Goodwin
Professor James Gow
Mr Nik Gowing
Major Andrew Godefroy, PhD
Mr Abbie Aryan
Professor Richard Ned Lebow
Professor Joseph S Nye, Jr
Professor Beatrice Heuser
Brigadier John Donnelly OBE
Professor Scott Lucas
Commodore Tom Karsten RN
Dr Andrew Dorman
Sir Kevin Tebbit KCB CMG
Ms Margaret Gilmore
Commander Simon Atkinson RN
Dr Patrick Porter
Mr Tim Cooper
Lieutenant General Sir Graeme Lamb (Retd)
Lieutenant Colonel Williams (Retd)
Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope
Mr Paul Johnston
Professor Anthony King
Dr Steve Tsang
Lieutenant Colonel Richard Morales, US Army
Professor Itamar Rabinovich
Professor Hew Strachan
Dr Timo Noetzel
Rt Hon The Baroness Neville-Jones DCMG PC
Brigadier General Meir Elran (Retd)
Professor Patricia Longstaff
Professor Frederick Hitz
Dr Stuart Croft
Professor Theo Farrell
Dr Rudra Chaudhuri
Lord Patten
Mr Fabrice Pothier
Dr Richard Freer
Dr Barbara Stephenson
Dr Robert Johnson
Mr Michael Crawford
Sir Ivor Roberts
Mr Jack Fairweather
Mr Alessandro Marrone
Mr Eteinne de Durand
Mr Mark Sedwill CMG, FRGS
Major General Buster Howes, OBE
Professor Christopher Andrew
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