Senior Member 

Mr Peter Wilson , BA (Hons), PhD, FRHistS has served as senior member of the Oxford University Strategic Studies Group since 2017 . His research focuses on military history,  particularly War in seventeenth to nineteenth century world history, the social,  cultural,  political or military history of German-speaking Europe and European history from 1500-1800. He has a long and distinguished history of lecturing in History and is currently the Chichele Professor of the History of War and has been a fellow of All Souls since 2015.


Andrew Payne (]):

Andrew Payne is a DPhil student in International Relations at Merton College. His research examines the impact of electoral politics on U.S. foreign policy decision-making. He is currently completing case studies of American strategy in Vietnam (1963-73) and Iraq (2003-11). The project is an extension of his MPhil thesis, also completed at Oxford. Prior to this, Andrew read History at Queens’ College, Cambridge, before a stint working in London.

Vice President

Megan Musilli (

Megan Musilli is currently completing her second degree at Oxford, a Masters of Public Policy. Prior to this, she completed an MSc in Medical Anthropology where she focused on the unique challenges faced by pregnant servicewomen and female military spouses. Prior to coming to Oxford, Megan graduated with a degree in mathematics from the United States Naval Academy, where she was commissioned as an Ensign in the United States Navy. Following Oxford, Megan will complete her medical degree at the University of California, San Diego and will become a military physician. Megan is particularly interested in the strategic use of military medicine for both humanitarian assistance and disaster response.


Edward Howell (

Edward H.K. Howell ( is currently an M.Phil. candidate in International Relations. Having graduated with a double first in Geography from Brasenose College, Edward’s research interests have focused predominantly on the Korean Peninsula, in particular in the negotiations of South Korean and Chinese-Korean migrants to the West. More recently, Edward is focusing on issues of regime survival in North Korea, involving the plight of North Korean defectors in escaping, yet maintaining ties to, their homeland.

Tilman Graff(

Tilman Graff is a current MPhil. student in Economics at St Antony’s College, Oxford. Holding each a Bachelor’s degree from both LMU Munich and Technical University Munich, his research has focussed on identifying economic patterns behind the demise of the Weimar Republic. He is interested in the determinants of democratic instability and societal failure from both econometric, as well as game theoretic perspectives. 

IT Officer 

Freddie Barr-Smith (

Freddie Barr-Smith is an MSc Student in Software and Systems Security at Kellogg College, Oxford. He graduated with a BSc in  Computer Science and Management from Nottingham University. His academic interests lie mainly in computer security, particularly regarding Exploits, Intrusion Detection, Malware Analysis, Network Forensics and theory of Cyberwarfare.